About Psychotherapy

What you can expect from Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy offers you the opportunity to explore the underlying reasons that contribute to the current difficulties in your life. A therapist is impartial and skilled in working with feelings.  You may have had to bury experiences or feelings, sometimes from childhood, in order to get on with life.  When these feelings surface and are able to be understood and integrated, you will feel freer to make choices based on your present life which will, in turn, give you more energy and autonomy.

This does not mean that you have to dwell on the past or blame it for your present situation, but rather find a way to understand it, accept it and move on. The relationship you will develop with your therapist is a key part of the work, so it is important to find a therapist with whom you can work. All the therapists belonging to PRS are highly trained with reputable training institutes, all have at least twenty years experience and all are BPC and/or UKCP registered

The Next Step

  • Find the nearest therapist to you by checking our table of contacts. Sometimes people prefer to find a therapist near where they work or on the journey to or from work. Therapist contact details are provided in order to arrange an initial consultation – counselling or therapy is not available via email.

  • Contact the therapist. At this stage you may have to leave a message but all our therapists will do their best to get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Arrange a preliminary consultation where you can explore what brings you to therapy and what therapy can offer you. It is also a chance for you and your therapist to decide whether you could work together, so there is no commitment for you at this stage. If you want to go ahead an arrangement can be made to meet on a regular basis.If you wish a referral can be made to another therapist.It is usual to charge for an initial consultation as most people find it a helpful experience in itself

All enquiries and referrals are completely confidential. PRS members are required to adhere to a written Code of Ethics and Practice.